Coin Drive for Playground

Bring your change to make a CHANGE!

Coin drive supporting Zeman Elementary Playground.

November 15 – December 3rd

Bring your collected coins to school each day!

The grade level winner will be announced at Movie Night on December 7th!

Outside Recess

On days when the temperature (including wind chill) is greater than 10 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, students will go outside for recess whenever weather allows. Students who bring boots to change into will be allowed to go in the snow; everyone else stays on hard surfaces so we don’t track too much muck onto our building’s beautiful floors.

Thank you for helping your student dress for warmth this season.

Field Trip Volunteers

If you plan to go on a field trip with your child, you will need to apply to be a Level III volunteer though Lincoln Public Schools.  Many parents have already applied to be a Level II volunteer status which allows you to volunteer in the classroom at school.  A Level III volunteer status requires a background check.  The background check can take up to 4 weeks to complete.  Please plan ahead and submit your application for a Level III volunteer status well in advance of field trips.  Only parents who have been cleared as Level III volunteers may attend field trips
  1. Go to the Zeman Website
  2. In Center column, Under Quick Links, Select Volunteer Application
  3. In Volunteer Preference, select Field Trip/Chaperone
  4. Zeman Office will see that you want to be a Level III volunteer. We will request a Background Check from the District Office. 
  5. District Office staff will request an Official Background Check.
  6. You will receive an email with steps that you will need to complete. 
  7. Once your steps are completed, the Official Background Check can finish verification. 
  8. Contact your child’s Homeroom teacher to let them know you want to be a Field Trip Chaperone


Eating lunch with your child?

If you plan to eat lunch with your child at school and you wish to purchase a school lunch, please bring exact change.  A school lunch for an adult is $3.65.  If you do not have exact change, please stop in the Zeman front office and have them make change for you.

Shop Amazon for Zeman

Do you shop at If so, there is a way to support Zeman School by shopping on! Amazon has a program called AMAZON SMILES. With every anonymous purchase, a percentage will be given back to our PTo! When purchasing items through Amazon follow these simple directions to support Zeman School:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Zeman PTO’
  • Bookmark the Amazon Smile site
  • Go shopping!

When you shop with Amazon Smile, you will now support Zeman PTO!

Movie Night – December 7

Bring the whole family to Zeman on Friday, December 7 for a movie at 6:30 p.m.! Keep an eye out for the two movie choices. Snacks and water will be available to purchase. Bring a blanket, pillow, etc to sit comfy.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break is from November 21-25. Elementary students do not attend Monday November 26th.

New Lunch Procedure

 New Lunch Procedures


We start serving breakfast at 7:45 each morning.  We do not have supervision before 7:45.  Please do not leave your child unattended before 7:45.  If your child walks to school or is dropped off for breakfast, please make sure your child arrives in time to eat.  We have some students arriving at 8:15 and asking to eat breakfast.  Children miss important class time when they are eating breakfast after school starts.  If your child rides the bus and eats breakfast, we will serve your child breakfast as soon as they arrive.


We enjoy having parents join us during lunch at school.  Due to class sizes and limited space, parents who come to eat with their child will sit at our square tables to the side of our cafeteria.  We ask that you do not invite other children to join you at the square tables.  This helps other children stay to their routine for lunch.

We also love having grandparents and other family and friends come and eat with students during lunch.  If your child is going to have a visitor for lunch that is not a legal parent or guardian, we will need parent permission for the guest to visit your child at school.  We want to make sure that children are safe and only coming in contact with approved visitors while on our campus.  Please call the office and let us know if your child should expect a visitor for lunch.  We appreciate your help with this new procedure.