MAP scores on ParentVue

Your student’s MAP test scores are now available on ParentVue. You will need to use a computer or your phone’s browser to access test history, this is not available on the ParentVue app at this time.


  1. Login to ParentVue, then click on Test History
  2. Next, scroll down to the area on the page with the heading MAP Growth or MAP Fluency. If the results are not showing, slide the Detail button to “on.”.
  3. (MAP Growth Grades 2-8 ) The RIT score is the scale score. The column labeled “Percentile” contains the national percentile rank. A percentile rank of 70 means that the student scored as high or higher than other students in his/her grade level.
  4. (MAP Fluency Grades K-1) The tests that display will vary somewhat, depending on which subtests your student was given. The test is adaptive and will adjust in difficulty (including subtests given) based on student responses. Categories are “Below,” “Approaches,” “Meets,” and “Exceeds.”

For a complete set of instruction including images click here.