Electronic Fee Waiver open July 1

Electronic Fee Waivers 

The District’s policy is to provide fee waivers in accordance with the Public Elementary and Secondary Student Fee Authorization Act. Students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches are generally provided a fee waiver or are provided the necessary materials or equipment without charge.   The District will generally furnish students with specialized equipment and attire for participation in extracurricular activities and for use of a musical instrument in optional music courses that are not extracurricular activities. Participation in a free-lunch program or reduced-price lunch program is not required to qualify for a fee waiver. Students or their parents must request a fee waiver prior to participating in or attending the activity, and prior to purchase of the materials, and the fee waiver must be submitted prior to the time the fee is due or the time the specialized equipment or attire is needed.

The fee waiver is completed electronically and will be available July 1st under Popular Pages on the homepage of the district website, www.lps.org, under the Free/Reduced Lunch link. A paper application is available in school offices for individuals unable to access the online application. Additional information concerning fee waivers, including what items are covered by the waiver, is available in the Important Information Handbook or by contacting the principal of your child’s school.


Discount: Student Electronic Device Optional Coverage,

Not covered: Summer school classes

Copies, PE clothes, Science Fair materials, Post-secondary fees, Student IDs, Locker usage, Parking


Not covered: Required physical, practice swim suit, cheerleading shoes, jazz band shirts and pants, forensics competition attire, travel meals, locker use, athletic clinics, state and national activities, admission to plays, dances, etc., senior recognitions