5th Grade Clap Out

On the last day of school, it is a Zeman tradition to honor our 5th grade students by having a “Clap Out”.  The Zeman students and staff will line the hallways and clap to music over the intercom as our 5th graders take a final lap around Zeman School.  Information is below:

  • PROMPTLY at 2:45 the 5th grade students will enter from the front kindergarten doors (door #4), proceed down the 1st grade hall, and snake around the hallway until they reach the fifth grade coat hall.
  • Students & staff will congratulate the 5th graders by clapping while they walk by them in the hallway.
  • Any 5th grade parent who wants to participate will line up in the fifth grade hallway to clap their congratulations for our 5th graders.
  • Remember to bring your cameras.
  • Fifth graders will pick up their belongings in the coat hall and exit the back doors.