Field Trip Volunteers

If you plan to go on a field trip with your child, you will need to apply to be a Level III volunteer though Lincoln Public Schools.  Many parents have already applied to be a Level II volunteer status which allows you to volunteer in the classroom at school.  A Level III volunteer status requires a background check.  The background check can take up to 4 weeks to complete.  Please plan ahead and submit your application for a Level III volunteer status well in advance of field trips.  Only parents who have been cleared as Level III volunteers may attend field trips
  1. Go to the Zeman Website
  2. In Center column, Under Quick Links, Select Volunteer Application
  3. In Volunteer Preference, select Field Trip/Chaperone
  4. Zeman Office will see that you want to be a Level III volunteer. We will request a Background Check from the District Office. 
  5. District Office staff will request an Official Background Check.
  6. You will receive an email with steps that you will need to complete. 
  7. Once your steps are completed, the Official Background Check can finish verification. 
  8. Contact your child’s Homeroom teacher to let them know you want to be a Field Trip Chaperone