Calling all NEW Kindergartners

If you have a child who will begin Kindergarten next fall…

Our office would love to hear from you NOW (unless we’ve already spoken), as planning for our next school year is already in full swing. (402-436-1169). Ask for Chris.

Here are some helpful facts:

  • Children with birth dates of 10/16/2012-7/31/2013 are eligible to begin kindergarten next fall (2018-2019)
  • We have completed the process of calling all of the potential students in our home area about which we are currently aware.
  • If you (or your neighbor new to the area!) have not heard from us, please contact us today!
  • Notification letters for students who completed an Application for Special Attendance Permit (to attend a school different from their home school) will be mailed out by Student Services.
  • A registration booklet containing all the necessary forms have been mailed to families in early February.

Kindergarten tested dates are 8/1/2013 – 10/15/2013. Appointments can be set in April. Testing dates are early summer.

District Information on kindergarten can be found here.